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There isn’t a person on this planet who hasn’t thought, “I need to get better at saving money.”

Are you trying to save a little more every month but you’re not able to do it? If so, then you need to follow some unique but easy ways to save your hard-earned dollars.

Many times, unknowingly we spend our money frivolously without knowing how much we can easily save.

Here are some unconventional ways to save your hard-earned money.

Creative Ways to Save Money

Here are some saving tips to help you save money on things you would have never imagined. Yup, 23 creative ways to save money, some will have you wondering.

1. Ask your employer to divide your paycheck

It means you request the human resource department of your company to divide your monthly paycheck between your savings and checking account. Doing so, a portion of your salary will automatically get deposited into your savings account. Moreover, the rate of interest is also more for savings accounts.

2. Plan a budget to save more

Yes, this is the basic step in every financial planning. You need to plan a budget to track your spending and save more. Without a budget, you’ll never know where you need to cut down. It will take some time to plan a suitable one. But start planning one and soon you’ll master the art of planning the most suitable one.

3. Opt for a rewards credit card

Using a credit card is not bad altogether. If managed properly, it can help you increase your credit score. However, you should swipe your card for an amount that you can repay comfortably within the billing cycle. Opting for a rewards card helps to earn rewards on your purchase. For example, a rewards card can give you cash back of a certain percentage when you use it to pay at a grocery store.

4. Buy in bulk to save more

You can buy certain items in bulk to get lucrative discounts. However, before doing so, make sure you’ll be able to consume those stuff before the expiry date. You can also take a friend with you and split the things amongst yourselves.

5. Take advantage of corporate discounts

Check out whether or not your company offers corporate discounts on hotel fares, gym membership, etc. It is a great way to save a substantial amount. However, restrict yourself to spend extra due to such privilege.

6. Use your body weight to exercise

Cut out the expensive gym membership and enjoy nature while working outside. You can do cardio workouts along with yoga and freehand exercises to stay healthy. It will be more enjoyable if you work out with your partner or family. Also, check how much you’re able to save by exercising this way. However, if you stay at a place where the weather is not suitable to work out throughout the year, then choose a cheaper gym membership for those months.

7. Plan your weekly meals ahead during the weekend

Sit down with your family and plan the meals for the entire week. Along with saving time, it will help to save money and have healthy food too. Doing so, you can also restrict your visit to the grocery store because you know exactly what you want instead of speculating what to get. You can just follow the list.

8. Try to stay closer to your workplace

This might not be possible every time but try to stay closer to your office. It will help you save a lot on fuel. It is best if you can walk to your job. .Doing so, you can exercise and save fuel cost at the same time. You can save time too!

9. Ask for discounts and promo offers at the stores

There is no harm in asking for a discount when you visit a store. Believe me, you won’t hear a ‘no’ every time. You shouldn’t be ashamed of asking that; after all, it’s your hard-earned money. Also, ask the store to price match if the price of a thing has got reduced after you bought it. Usually, the stores offer price match within a week of purchase.

10. Unplug all electrical gadgets when not in use

You can stop draining power from your electrical gadgets at least during the night, when you sleep, by unplugging them. Also, when you go out, there’s no use of keeping your television, computer, etc. plugged.

11. Keep your condiments in a jar

Always keep the extra condiments from the restaurants in a beautiful jar. You can use them when you cook food at home. By using condiments, you can enjoy the taste of restaurant food at home. Moreover, the jar of condiments will add to the decor of your dining room.

12. Give a portion of your house on rent

You may not need the entire house to live comfortably, do you? For example, if you have a garage space to keep 3 cars, rent one of them and earn a few dollars every month. Likewise, you can also rent another portion of your house if it can be accessed from outside.

13. Get carpet samples to cover your floor

Usually, you get these samples at free of cost when you visit the carpet stores. Accumulate them, place them, and glue them. You will get a beautiful unusual floor design. You can apply this technique in your basement, playroom, or to create a unique design in your living room. The same technique you can use with wallpapers.

14. Use less water to flush tank

Use this mechanism to reduce the amount of water in your flush tank. It is really simple. Just take a jug, fill it with sand, and keep it in the back of your toilet tank. Every time you flush, you’ll save a significant amount of water. Over the year, it will help you save about $100.

15. Do not waste water when you’re waiting for hot water

This is a very unique and creative way to save money on your water bill. When you run the faucet and wait for the hot water, store the cold water in a pitcher. Later, you can use cold water to water plants or for other purposes. You can even use this water for cooking if stored properly.

16. Maintain a constant temperature in your thermostat

Always keep your thermostat temperature constant. Do not make it too cold during the summertime and too hot during the winter season. Instead, wear light woolen garment inside your house during the winters. This will help you save a great amount of energy, and in turn, money.

17. Shop and compare insurance policies before buying one

Do not buy any insurance policy, without comparing it, even if you think you’re getting the best price. Because you never know another company might offer similar coverage at a much lower price. However, make sure you compare apple with an apple and not orange. For example, compare the exact policy coverage along with the price offered. Also, check out the financial strength rating of the company to be sure that you’ll get the coverage amount if you need it.

18. Plan a vacation during Christmas

Looking for a creative way to save money when Santa is around? Plan a vacation during Christmas time and save money on gifts. You can spread this news amongst your family and friends and tell them that you’ll exchange gift once you come back. The gifts are usually offered at a much lower price after the holiday season. Moreover, you can also buy decorations for next year just after Christmas and New Year to take advantage of the lowest rate.

19. Give yourself some occasional treat and splurge a little

This may sound contradictory but occasionally splurging a bit can help you stay on track. However, make sure you don’t spend too much. Plan a budget where you keep a little allowance to enjoy every month with your family. Doing so, your family members will also motivate you to follow the other tips to save more.

20. Get married to a person who practices frugal living

This is one of the most unconventional ways you’ll ever hear of. If your partner practices frugal living, it’ll be easier for you to save money. Both of you can accomplish your mission if you’re not able to do it on your own. If you’re in debt, your partner can help you to consolidate your debt and repay the amount within a definite time. Both of you can discuss and find out a suitable strategy to solve your debt problems.

21. Always take care of yourself

It is of utmost necessity to look after your health along with your family members. Get a good amount of sleep, exercise regularly, follow healthy eating habits, avoid bad habits, etc. to stay healthy. It will help you save the cost of expensive medical bills. Even if you have medical insurance, which is a must, you have to make the co-payment and co-insurance before your insurance company pays the bills.

22. Use Google Voice instead of calling from your mobile

Bet you never of this creative way to save money. How can you do that? Get Google Voice and access your phone interface from your desktop computer. Then, you can make calls or even send a text to your friends.

23. Make your own creams and lotions

Apart from saving quite a hefty amount, your DIY creams and lotions are skin friendly too. You can control the number of chemicals you use on your skin. So, it will reduce your trips to the parlors as well. In addition to this, do your own manicure at home. You will find a number of videos on Youtube that can help you prepare your DIY stuff. Along with it, also pamper yourself at home by preparing a home-made spa instead of paying a lot for a spa session.

A Final Note!

You may wonder how much you’ll save by following these creative ways to save money. But, think once again and calculate how much you can save per month if you follow all these tips. Wait! Now multiply that number by 12; it is a substantial amount, isn’t it?

So, start following these tips one by one and save a considerable amount which you can spend on things you like. Enjoy saving!

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