Are you looking for real free games to win money? Well, then you're probably wise to do so. New research conducted by British psychologists shows that young adults use their flipping phones roughly twice as much as they estimate that they do.

In fact, the small preliminary study found that these young adults used their phones an average of five hours a day — that's roughly one-third of their total waking hours.

We are on our phone a lot, we get it. Wouldn't it make sense to make money and have fun with your phone and win real money through apps?

Real Free Games to Win Real Money

If you are looking for real ways to make money from your phone for free then consider checking out my quick list of the best game apps to make money.

Don't worry, I've personally tested all of the recommended apps and they are all legit and pay out via PayPal.

Download all three of these free apps today to increase your odds of winning cash for playing games!

1. SwagIQ.


What is the most popular drink in the world that does not contain alcohol? What the official national anthem of the United States of America? What is the Capital of Australia?

If you answered coffeestar-spangled banner, and Sydney, then you may want to look into the SwagIQ app that pays you huge cash prizes for your smarts.

Today’s prize is worth over $1,000! I’ll be playing, will you?

Click here to download the free trivia app and start winning cash daily!

What is so good about this real free game app? You’ll get free money just for testing your knowledge and they pay you straight cash without doing any work.

2. Long Game App.

With Long Game, you can play mini-games for cash prizes.

Long Game

Believe it or not, you can really make money on your phone with slot machines, scratch-offs and spin-to-win-wheels, and they even have their own weekly lottery where you can win big.

Secure and FDIC insured. No fees – ever!

Win cash prizes up to $1,000,000!

Here's 1000 free Bonus Coins to get you started with Long Game.

How does it work?

1) To create an account, you just need to connect your bank account.

2) Then set how much you’d like to automatically save.

3) Get saving right away, because you’ll get a “bonus” in your first week: 40 coins per $1 auto-saved and 3 coins per $1 deposited. That's free money!

4) Once you link your bank account, you’ll earn 300 points, so you can start playing right away for free.

What I like about this app? You’ll get $$$ just for linking your bank account for free.

And you can receive a 1,000 point bonus for you use this promo code: 4ZXY94.

3. InboxDollars App.

inboxdollars logo

The next thing you can do is sign up for InboxDollars which pays you, in cash, to play games & watch videos. 

If you sign up before the end of August, they also give you a $5 free bonus just to give it a try.

By spending just 5-10 minutes per day on this (either on your lunch break or during TV commercial breaks) you can earn and earn an extra $50/month.

More people should be doing this!

inbox dollars

Top 4 Best Money Making Apps for iPhone and Android

The apps below are some of my favorite money making apps. They don’t necessarily have a playing game component, but they are still legitimate ways to make money from your phone.

Believe it or not, I've personally made $1,935.32 with the apps below!

1. Paribus App.

paribus review

So this happened.  I bought something online from Target.  The price of the item that I purchased dropped in price after the fact.

I effortlessly got refunded without doing a thing, other than originally sign up for Paribus.

It’s as simple as that.

This free app will scan your emails for any purchase receipts from dozens of online retailers. You don’t even have to know about the price drop in order to get your refund. It’s 100% free and will save you a lot of money. I pocketed around $50 in the first few weeks of signing upRemember, it’s 100% free!


2. Nielsen App.

By using the internet as you do every day, Nielsen invites you to make a difference – and you can make money too.

I downloaded this app and make around $50-100 passively… it’s a legit app.

You don’t have to do anything other than initially registering your computer or phone.


Nielsen: This company will pay you $50 a year keep their app on your favorite internet browsing device and they also give away $10,000 each month. So you can possibly make more than $100. Sign up through here for a registration bonus.

3. Ibotta App.

The app you should know about is Ibotta. This cell phone app actually gives you cash back on Alcohol.

You heard me right, you can make money for the booze you buy at groceries and restaurants.

Ibotta is a fun rebate app that lets you get cash back on drink deals. It’s available all over the country, and you’ll get a $10 sign-up bonus after uploading your first receipt.

ibotta referral codeDownload the app and start a free account to browse drink deals in your area.

Got friends? Invite 3 friends and they’ll credit you with $100.00. After that, get $10 for every person you refer. However, you do have to be 21 or older to take advantage of these deals.

4. ShopTracker.


This is such an easy, passive way to rake in an extra $36 a year. ShopTracker, one of the leading public opinion research companies, will pay you to track your Amazon purchase history.

I signed up in about 5 minutes and just collect $36, talk about passive income.

You can sign up, and download the app on your phone here.

This is an easy money making app that literally requires no work on your end.

They keep your information private, they just want your Amazon purchase history.

Signing up takes less than 5 minutes and you’ll get $3 for signing up and another $3 monthly (through my promo link), and it adds up!

Bonus: ShopTracker will also pay you $3.00 every month if you sign up through my promo link. I bet you’re lovin’ this article so far!

Recap of Best Real Money Games Apps

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Recap of Best Money Making Apps


Ibotta Logoshoptracker

We are on our phone a lot, right? Wouldn't it make sense to make money and have fun with your phone and win real money with real free games?

Hope you were able to find an app that's right for you.

Good luck on your money making journey!