The Best Gold Bars to Buy for Investors

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Before you go buying any gold bars, take a look at the best gold bars to buy so you can make a wise gold investment in 2019.

It does not matter if you are completely new to the gold market as a whole or even if you are a veteran investor – the fact remains nonetheless that conducting a little bit of research before getting into gold investment is imperative.

You need to know which company or brand would be the ideal choice when it comes to buying a gold bar from. This is really the only smart way of improving any chances you might have for any sort of investment success.

Let us check out some of the more common brands that are easily available for you to buy online.

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The Top Gold Bars to Buy in 2019

Here are the top gold bars recommended by personal finance experts:

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1. Perth Mint’s justly famous “Gold Minted Bars”

The world-famous Perth Mint is located in Australia. It manufactures a huge range of gold bars that range from ½ oz all the way to 1,000 oz in gold weight, alone.

However, for many, if not most investors, it is quite simply too expensive (read cost prohibitive) to purchase even a single one of their branded 400 oz or 1,000 oz bars. This is why their smaller bars become a popular option for investment purposes.

The image of the hopping kangaroo in a “tamper-proof” display card is a global hallmark of quality and trust that the Perth Mint has acquired over decades of retail sales.

2. PAMP Suisse Gold Bars: Time-honored custom of quality

These gold bars are manufactured by PAMP (Produits Artistiques et Métaux Précieux or “artistic precious metals products”). Since the bars bearing the PAMP Suisse brand are amongst the most well know gold bars in existence, they are an ideal investment opportunity for anyone who wants to park their extra cash in an otherwise profitable venture. For more information on different kinds of PAMP Suisse gold bars, you can always log on to

3. Johnson Matthey Gold Bars: A Raj tradition that still lives on

Johnson Matthey is a well-known English company with its own long history in metals production. Their well-made gold bars are available in a wide variety of designs, sizes as well as shapes and degrees of refinement. As a matter of fact, Johnson Matthey bars are not only renowned, but also trusted worldwide due to the purity of their gold.

4. Engelhard Gold Bars: A mainstay from the days of the wild west

The All-American metals company Engelhard has been in business for well over a century and have carved a name for themselves in the manufacturing and retailing of gold and silver bullion. Many, if not most Engelhard bars are marked with their own unique serial number, thus making them easy to identify.

5. Valcambi Gold CombiBar: A truly unique design

This gold bar is a comparatively recent addition to the world of Gold bullion and it was introduced a few years back (in 2011) by the Swiss bullion company Valcambi. This bar comes in a standard credit card size of around 50 grams and each 1 gram part of the bar can be easily broken and sold while the remaining bar remains in the hands of the investor.

The Bottom Line

Within the last three years, we have seen a resurgence of gold and silver as investment options for traders. An ounce of gold was trading around $1,350 – $1,400 at the end of 2014. It appreciated more than $1,744 by the end of the first quarter of 2018. The metal is currently trading at just over $1,488 in the market.

We saw a similar trend for silver. At the end of 2015, the metal was trading close to $18 per ounce. We saw a bullish trend where it hit $26 during 2016 before settling down at its current value of $20 per ounce.

A large number of investors believe that precious metal prices will see an upturn and the bullish trend will continue in the long run. Trading gold may not be the best side hustle for most people, but it is very lucrative.

Good luck when searching for the best gold bars to buy this year!

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Brian Meiggs
Brian Meiggs
Brian is the guy behind TopSavings and My Millennial Guide and is a personal finance expert who has spent the last few years writing about how people can save and make more money. He has been quoted in several online publications, including Yahoo! Finance, NASDAQ, MSN Money, AOL, Discover Bank, GOBankingRates, Student Loan Hero, Fit Small Business, Cheapism, SmartAsset, Bankrate, RISE Credit, AllBusiness, Cheddar, Commonbond, Niche, Rewire, Credit Donkey,, and more. He uses the free Personal Capital app to manage his cash flow and net worth.

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