10 Simple Ways to Make Money from Your Phone

Did you know that you can make money from your phone? In this article, I’ve listed the best ways to turn spare time on your phone into cash.

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Did you know that you can make money from your phone? In this article, I’ve listed the best ways to turn spare time on your phone into cash.

In a difficult time we live in, every person needs extra money, which, in fact, is never too much. Thanks to modern technology, it is no longer necessary to get a second or third job in order to receive cash for additional expenses.

Earnings in mobile applications are unlikely to be your only and constant source of income. Even enthusiastically working in each of them for several hours a day, you can hardly make more than $15 per month.

Nevertheless, it is recommended to install several applications for mobile earnings at once in order to increase the total income. Giving everyone 15-20 minutes a day, you will receive a sufficient amount to pay for mobile expenses or to please yourself with a small gift at the end of the month.

This article is about mobile applications, which can help to earn real money and we won’t include boring survey apps. Those could be both, real money and cryptocurrency, which in many countries is officially a form of currency.

All of the mobile earning apps below are available for download on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. It is worth noting that these programs are quite reliable in that they do not make you watch long promotional videos. However, it is worth considering that some applets require access to personal data.

#1. Foap (Android, iOS)

Foap is a photo stock through which brands and ordinary users can buy photos. The advantage of Foap is that you can upload photos there taken on your camera, or those that were shot using a smartphone. The subject of photographs can be any, so apply your creative skills and photograph everything that happens in your life.

The same photo can be sold several times. After its sale, you will receive 50% of its value. The service also offers various missions. Participation in them increases the chances of sales, regardless of whether you won or not.

If you take pictures not only on the phone but also on the camera and shoot well enough, it is better to use eyeem.com, since they work with Getty images and pay much more and more often.

#2. Google Opinion Rewards (Android, iOS)

Google Opinion Rewards pays you for participating in surveys. You can use the revenue from it to pay for purchases on the Google Play store. How many survey invitations you receive depends on your location and activity. Usually, 1-5 polls are published per week, and on average each participant gets one, but if you are a suitable candidate, you can easily get three.

The maximum survey cost is $1. Thus, in this application alone, you can make about $10 dollars per month.

#3. Fronto Lock Screen (Android)

Fronto replaces your lock screen and displays on it various articles, ads, links, for viewing which you can earn points. Received points can be exchanged for gift cards from popular brands.

To get a reward, you do not have to view the content. You can simply unlock the screen and work with the device as usual. But if you are interested in the article and you follow the link to read it, there will be more rewards.

1,000 points in the application are equal to $1.

#4. MooCash (Android, iOS)

MooCash offers a bunch of options for making money online – downloading free applications, watching ads, taking polls, articles on the lock screen, and much more. 1,000 earned points are accepted for $1, you can withdraw them when the total amount reaches $2.50.

The work in the application is simple, and the conclusion is the same – PayPal service is used for this. Points can also be exchanged for gift cards.

#5. AppTrailers (Android, iOS)

AppTrailers offer videos on apps, lifehacks, technology, and more. By answering questions and competing with others, you can increase your earnings. For 1,000 earned points you will receive $1, and spending two or three hours on the application, you can make 1-2 dollars in just a day.

For each video watched, 5 points are assigned. Withdrawal of money is carried out after reaching 5 cents through PayPal or as a gift card.

#6. WHAFF Rewards (Android)

If you enjoy testing new applications, you will also enjoy receiving money for it. Through WHAFF Rewards, you will discover a bunch of exciting, but so far unknown to anyone programs. For each installation you will receive 1-2 cents. You can earn more by using apps, playing video games, and completing other tasks.

Money can be withdrawn through PayPal or receive a gift card at their expense. The minimum payout is $10.

#7. Slidejoy (Android)

Another application to replace the lock screen, for the use of which you will receive real money. It displays ads and blogging content for which points are assigned. Scrolling up allows you to see even more publications.

For each article viewed, you get one point, but clicking on the links is not necessary. Points are awarded simply for using the application. Upon reaching $2, money can be withdrawn through PayPal or as a gift card.

After registration you get 20 carats. After that, the application programs certain gestures on the lock screen:

  • Pull up to see more news.
  • Pull right to unlock the phone and exit to the desktop
  • Pull left for more information on content
  • Pull down to access notifications and application context menu

1,000 carats equals one dollar. It is worth noting that the number of virtual bonuses that you receive every day can vary. So the process of accumulation can drag on pretty much. However, the application does not require additional investments and does not reward for clicking on links in ads.

#8. Bitwalking (Mobile Web)

Bitwalking is a new application that allows you to earn so-called “walking dollars.” By installing the application on your smartphone, you just have to move to replenish your software wallet. True, you will have to go a lot – for one “walking dollar” you need to take about 10 thousand steps. So this application is suitable for those who spend a lot of time on their feet.

The developer company claims that the money earned in steps can be transferred to a personal bank account or spent in the Bitwalking Store, which is still under development.

#9. Pact (Android)

Choosing mobile applications for making money, we came across a very unusual program Pact. With it, you will not only replenish your wallet, but also improve your health. By launching the program, you are subscribing to certain goals, based on weight loss, certain exercises or diet. And then you need to prescribe some amount that you will lose if you do not fulfill your goals. And then everything is simple: you fulfill the condition – you receive money from those who have not fulfilled these conditions.

Key features of the application:

  • A new set of exercises and recipes for a healthy diet every week;
  • fitness enhancement;
  • progress in overweight loss;
  • incoming funds management;
  • track your workouts with GPS and an accelerometer;
  • Sync with fitness apps Runkeeper, Fitbit, Myfitnesspal.

The company claims that the average remuneration is between $ 0.30 and $ 5 per week, depending on the number of actions you take. Judging by the reviews, the average income is about 100 – 150 dollars per year, while you maintain a healthy lifestyle, increase your tone and maintain an excellent figure.

The disadvantage of the application is perhaps that it can cost you a lot of money if you do not adhere to your goals.

#10. Snapwire (Android, iOS)

Snapwire is another photo-based app. True, in this case, the emphasis is not only on the pictures, but also on the user. The application is more designed for semi-professional or professional photographers, as requests for photos can come from major global brands.

The application includes a two-level sale of images. First, the user performs free queries. If the customer rated the picture, you get experience points that allow you to fulfill paid requests. Over time, you can go to the second level of sales by taking part in the so-called competitions or challenges. In this case, Snapwire displays your best shots in a special image database.

Due to the high level, you are going to have access to popular brands sponsored photos let alone receive a commission for a picture directly from the customer and accept more profitable requests.

Key features of the application:

  • Upload images from gallery or cloud;
  • create a nice portfolio and sell pictures;
  • the opportunity to share a personal portfolio with customers, followers and friends;
  • communication and interaction with cameramen and creators worldwide;
  • high payments from customers.

Now you know how to earn money on Android mobile applications. Have you used such programs yourself?

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