How To Start Saving Money Even if You’re Lazy

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A lot of people and I mean a lot of people spend too much money needlessly. Wouldn’t it make sense to learn how to start saving money properly?

Whether you are lazy or super ambitious, becoming a saving expert is important since we don’t know what the future holds.

When you get your paycheck and go shopping you end up buying things you don’t even need. As fast as money comes in, it can easily go out.

So you end up thinking, “I will save money this month” and guess what, it doesn’t go as well as your plan.

So how can you finally learn how to save money each month?

If you’re strapped for time, let’s get started.

5 Money Savings Tips

Here are my top 5 money saving tips to help you learn how to start saving money each month!

1. Bank Account

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It’s simple and something anyone can think of. You might ask yeah sure I have a bank account and I still can’t save money. This is where my strategy comes and it’s simple as it can be. Set up a fixed deposit every week. You can deposit a small amount of money, keep the deposit deadline and you don’t need to do anything else. This money will turn bigger and bigger by the day and you will have much more saved by the end of the year. An app that does this for you automatically is Qapital.

2. Piggy Bank

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I think we all had a piggy bank or two when we were kids. But why shouldn’t we save in a piggy bank when we become adults. From my personal experience, a piggy bank is a good way to save money whether you are a kid or an adult. Even if you are a bad spender or spend too much on food delivery small changes come every day and turn the small changes you have into your piggy bank every day. Yes, every day. Make this a habit. These small changes will become a big number little by little.

3. Investment

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If you are a bad spender, investing is a good way to spend your money. And when I say investment I don’t mean gambling. Invest a small amount of the paycheck you are receiving to invest in some index funds. Learn about generating social and environmental impact through impact investing.

There are tons of way you can invest your money with free investing apps or by using companies like LendingClub.

But, think of it like this – if you put only $345 into an investing account at Lending Club and earned 14% year (pretty easy to do at Lending Club, you’d have $180,377 saved up in 30 years! Talk about saving money.

4. Recycle

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One day you enter your room and notice its somehow stifling. And why it wouldn’t be? Your room is full of unnecessary goods and commodities. You bought everything entered your eyes even when you didn’t need it. This calls for recycling. Recycle the stuff you have too much for cash and use them to buy new ones (since you like to spend so much). This will save you a good amount of cash.

5. Nothing beats a mother

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Personally, my best way to save money. Since I am a bad spender I always give most of the money I have to my mother. In my personal opinion and experience, a mother is the best spender in existence (not an exaggeration). There was a time when our family was dire need of money and I saw my mothers dazzling figure how she saved money. Of course, not all mother are accustomed to saving money. But there must be someone in your family who is good at saving. Let that person keep your money and it will be safe.

This is a little unconventional but it goes without saying but you need absolute trust in that person. What happens if you are living alone? After getting a paycheck, transfer your money. There are many ways to transfer money nowadays.

These ways might be too simple or you might think. But better try than spending all of your paychecks on things you don’t really need. You don’t understand the importance of money or you might think you do. You wouldn’t read this article if you do. Next, check out some great articles that allow you to save more money, like this one on how to get free internet!

Interested in finding easy ways to save? Then you should know about these money saving options!

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