Frugal Clothing Tips: Buying Designer Brands On a Budget

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One of the biggest dilemmas every woman faces on a daily basis is deciding what to wear.

No matter how over-crowded her closest is, it’s never enough.

The reason behind all her pains is the ever-changing trends in the fashion industry.

For women, it’s very important to look up to date. However, not everyone can afford to dole out thousands of dollars to keep up with the latest trends.

After all who has Kardashians’ budget to bolster her outdated style options?

Don’t worry!

It is hard but not impossible to follow the latest fashion trends without breaking the bank with my clever frugal clothing tips.

There are many ways to go about using frugal clothing tips. It’s a common misconception that you need notoriously expensive branded items to look stylish. More important is whether or not you are able to match how you feel with the way you look. 

Sometimes all you need is to up your pairing game and make use of all those pieces you already own. However, there are times that you need give your wardrobe a serious revamp after a breakup or when you need a change of style.

Don’t fret!

You don’t need to spend all your saving to emerge as “a new you”. You can up your fashion game while sticking to your budget with frugal clothing tips.

Want to move into the new season with style? Here are some tips for you to keep your style fresh on a budget.

How to Save Money on Clothing

Keep your style up to date. Get on the latest fashion trends without breaking the bank. The following frugal clothing tips might help you.

Use coupons:

If you want to keep up with the latest fashion trends without breaking the bank, you should consider couponing to cut the cost.

Visit cash back sites, coupon sites, and the clearance section of your favorite retailer to grab some of the most amazing deals from your favorite stores.

You can get your hands on some of the latest statement pieces at a discounted price. All you need to do is to download some coupons and use them on your next purchase.

Updating your style with the latest fashion goods can be expensive. You can follow the upcoming fashion trends without breaking the bank.

All you need to do is to shop smart after all.

Recycle old clothes, purchase from thrift and charity stores and use coupons codes to cut down the price of new items. Following the above-mentioned tips, you can look great while saving hundreds of dollars at the same time.



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    Shop from charity stores:

    When it comes to the fashion industry, trends always keep coming back. There are a number of stores out there that sell trendy clothing items from the ’80s and ’90s.

    The classic 80’s fashion trends were too good to be put to rest and are making a comeback today.

    For example, high-waisted jeans and striped T-shirts are everywhere to be seen now in 2024 and likely into 2024.

    You can hop on the latest fashion trends without breaking the bank by purchasing your fashion goods from a charity store.

    Within the last couple of years, it has been observed that charity stores drive up retail sales in the UK. These stores offer you a wide collection of some of the trendiest fashion goods at a fraction of price.

    Whether you want a fleece coat to keep warm in the winter or need a flowy summer dress to turn heads on a sunny day, you will find a vintage piece to add to your closet.

    For the best bargain head to your local charity shops. Vintage jewelry pieces always look classy. You will find a variety of these timeless pieces within the most affordable price range at various local charity stores. 

    Go thrift shopping: 

    Thrift shopping is another frugal clothing option to look trendy while saving money.

    You will find a number of thrift stores in your locality oozing with a variety of the trendiest pieces you can rock all season. According to the Huffington Post, thrifting is a cheap, eco-friendly and trendy way to shop.

    According to America’s Research Group, 16-18% of the citizens of US head over to thrift stores to shop within a given year.

    From high-end brands to vintage fashion goods, there is something for everyone in these stores. Take your fashion game to the next level with that pair of shoes you saw on the runway last year or that bag that speaks to your soul.

    Since trends in fashion keep repeating, it’s likely for you to find some of the original 90’s statements pieces to slay this season. 

    Another reason to go thrift shopping is it helps in sustaining the environment. It is a great way to reuse clothing items since they can be worn year after year. It helps to keep them out of landfills. 

    Learn to sew: 

    Sewing skills are no less than a blessing for those who want to keep up their fashion game.

    If you adopt this hobby you can replicate any type of outfit you want. With the advent of technology, it has become very easy for a person to learn a new skill.

    There are so many online tutorials that teach you how to sew. This skill not only allows you to recreate the latest designs but also enables you to recycle your old dresses.

    Even with the most basic skills, you can easily repair a loose seam on an old dress that has been sitting in your closet for years or renew an old coat by replacing its buttons.

    According to historical facts about your clothes, 70% of the women used to make clothing for themselves until 1850’s. These days handmade fashion goods are sold for the highest prices. 

    With this creative skill you can save a lot of money. You sure need to put some effort, but you will save yourself the hassle of spending too much over expensive brands. Why spend more when you can sew a trendy outfit at home to refresh your style? 

    Start from the back of the store: 

    When you enter a store, head straight to the back. That’s where the low-priced items are displayed. Retailers display their new releases at the front to trick customers in buying those.

    These are the most expensive items available in the store. Store organization techniques distract the customers from the low-priced items. It is a great way for the companies to earn a higher profit. 

    You will find not so old collection tucked away at the back somewhere in the racks. Don’t hesitate to ask the sales associate where the items on sale are displayed.

    The majority of the time trendy items are put on sale just to make room for the new inventory. This way you can keep up with fashion trends without breaking the bank

    Brush off old accessories or buy used items: 

    The right accessories can add life to even the most basic outfits. If you want to follow the latest fashion trends without breaking the bank, search of some of the old pieces of jewelry in closet that you haven’t worn for years.

    from delicate layered chains to chunky necklaces, everything is in trend. If you are into vintage jewelry head to vintage thrift stores. You will find the best pieces at the most amazing prices to help you save money.

    Take your casual outfit from whatever to wow by throwing in a chic pair of footwear. If you want to invest in a new pair of shoes, do your research first. Try to looks for the items that carry you through every season and occasion.

    Thrift and charity stores also sell a wide range of some of the classic collection of shoes at a fraction of the original price. So, the next time you head out in a pair of jeans and a basic t-shirt, don’t forget to add an armful of bracelets and a classic pair of sandals. 

    Frugal Clothing

    Everyone needs clothing. Yet, there’s a range of money that one could spend just on new threads. If you went through this list of frugal clothing options, you should have found some creative ways to save money on clothing.

    What are some frugal clothing tips that you’ve come across? Feel free to share them in the comment section below.

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