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Trunow is an app that pays you cash back when you purchase gas at gas stations. This won't make you rich but can be an easy way to earn some extra cash on an expense that almost all of us have.

Founded in 2017, Trunow is a free cash back app for gas that will earn you $1 on every gas station receipt you submit. The difference with Trunow is that it accepts every gas station receipt. You can earn cash back on gas and also grocery items in-store. Once you reach $10, you can cash-out or you can keep earning!

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Claim $2 Bonus
If you sign up using a Trunow Referral Link you can get a $2 sign up bonus.

What is Trunow?

  • iPhone: 2.1 – ‎143+ reviews
  • Android: 2 – ‎192+ reviews
  • Payment methods: Cash via PayPal
  • Quick summary: With Trunow, you can open the app to see all the gas stations near you. You can tap to see the best deals and get instant savings and cash back from your purchases. Then you can redeem rewards or get instant cash through PayPal.

trunow referral code

View all the best gas prices near you no matter where you are. Get cash back on every gas station purchase by just taking a picture of your receipt. Use your extra income for gas station purchases or get instant cash! This gas cash back app also gives you personalized deals on your favorite in-store items, so whenever you wanna grab a snack or drink, you save big.

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  1. Find cheap gas prices
  2. Snap a picture of your receipt after you fill up
  3. Get cash in your pocket

It’s that simple.

It's available in both the iOS and Google Play Store.

My Trunow App Review

I've been using a ton of different cash back apps for gas like Trunow, GetUpside. Overall, I've found that Trunow is definitely not one of the better ones. They claim you can save $750 on gas every year, but how often do you have to fill up to meet this number? A little absurd. To Trunow's credit, you can use multiple apps to get cash back with just one receipt.

So there's no real reason to not use it other than if you don't think a couple of cents back each receipt is worth your time.

You’ll get between 1%-2% cash back on every gas receipt. This gas station rewards app puts money back in your pocket at any gas station you visit which is nice. GetUpside only works on certain gas stations as of the time of typing this Trunow referral code article.

Well, if you are still interested you can download the app by getting a download link sent to your mobile phone.

Final Thoughts

Even if you do not drive a lot, you’ll get a $2 bonus just for using my link and the passive income really adds up (Trunow promo Code: VK7N8I).

Remember, I said the average millionaire has 7 streams of income, why not add up just by downloading the Trunow app.

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Brian Meiggs
Brian Meiggs
Brian is the guy behind TopSavings and My Millennial Guide and is a personal finance expert who has spent the last few years writing about how people can save and make more money. He has been quoted in several online publications, including Yahoo! Finance, NASDAQ, MSN Money, AOL, Discover Bank, GOBankingRates, Student Loan Hero, Fit Small Business, Cheapism, SmartAsset, Bankrate, RISE Credit, AllBusiness, Cheddar, Commonbond, Niche, Rewire, Credit Donkey,, and more. He uses the free Personal Capital app to manage his cash flow and net worth.

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