7 Ways to Graduate College Completely Debt Free

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Graduating with little or no debt in today’s world is a feat as difficult as getting your degree, maybe more.

With more students not being able to afford their tuition in college/schools, especially with rent prices in cities like Athens and Eugene on the rise, they are left with no choice but to take loans and at the end they the debts are piled up on them like a huge mountain that they cannot get rid of.

High school students can have great GPAs, but they may not attend college because their families cannot afford it. Working parents who back to school to advance in their careers would continue working for lower pay, so they do not put their entire family in debt. In order to know more about it, navigate here. We have some tips for you that may help you keep your debts to a minimum.

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How to Graduate Debt Free

If you do graduate debt free it is one of the greatest accomplishments for any college grad, but how can you achieve this debt-free goal?

1. Savings.

If you know in your heart from early on that you will need financial support in the future, you should start savings soon as you can because there is no such thing as saving a little early. The more early you start, the easier it will be for you to build considerable savings. Being thoughtful early on and not wasting your resources on unnecessary things like partying will be a wiser choice. Planning your tomorrow at an early stage is not boring, but clever.

2. Community Courses.

Take community college courses because it will help eliminate your courses at the college. The early AP that you gain after attending a local community college for two years will help you in the future. You have the choice to spend your initial college years by saving the money at home and paying cheaper rates. After that, you can transfer to the college of your liking from where you want to get the degree.

3. Save Your Home Rent.

If you can live with your parents, instead of renting a campus apartment, at least for the first few years of your college. It might not seem ideal, but it is better to live here for a few years and save money than to live here for most of your adult life. You can take advantage of this option while you are a student. Living on your demands unnecessary money which you will be able to save this way.

4. Be Smart.

It is more important to get into a college that you can afford than to get in one where you can barely make ends meet. Consider this situation where you get into the college of your dreams, but it is really expensive. You will have to get a job to pay for all the expenses apart from taking loans as well. You will be exhausted all the time because of your part-time job and constant anxiety about your loans. After you graduate, your loans will still be there, and you will continue to juggle your way through for years in order to pay back your debt.

Now, in a parallel universe, you go to a college that is not as good, but you can easily afford it. You do not have to try as hard about the money and take as many loans. All your focus will be on your studies, and you get out with excellent grades. Your loans are none or manageable, and you can start your adult life as soon as you can. It is your choice which life you want to lead!

5. Financial Aid and Scholarships.

You can always apply for scholarships and financial aid. It is all about your conviction, start working hard on your grades right now so you can get the best scholarships that can cover your studies. There are also financial aid programs to help students with their money problems. Apply for as many programs as you can, you never know which one you will get.

6. Budget.

Live your life on a budget. You would be surprised to realize how much money we can spend on unnecessary things if we do not keep our spending in check. When you have a budget, you will know where you want to spend your money, how much you must be spending each week or each month. Save a certain amount of money every week that you must not touch. You will be able to live a decent life and save up as well.

7. Do Not Take Extra Time.

Repeating courses is what messes up your entire future planning along with your bank account. Try to pass the courses the first time and avoid dropping them too. The more time you will spend in college, the more you will have to spend.

Think about these tips and apply them to your future planning and daily life. Make strategies accordingly, and you will manage to graduate debt free.

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Taylor Hill
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